British PM tells Brits, "we will do this together"


NSFW    UNITED KINGDOM ??British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has spoken in his first self-isolation video today since announcing he has Coronavirus; he took to Twitter to boost morale, expressing his gratitude to the nation and hero National Health Service workers on the frontline.

Mr. Johnson said, "our policy remains unchanged, that is to delay the spread of the disease so as to reduce the pressure on the NHS, reduce the demand on the NHS at that critical peak moment and that's how we aim to save many thousands of lives."

"I want to thank everybody who has been complying with our instructions to stay at home."

In a rallying cry, he passionately stated, "We are going to do it. We are going to do it together."

"I think one thing Coronavirus crisis has proved is that there is such a thing as society, so thank you to all of you and remember, stay at home.

"Protect our NHS and save lives."

Mr. Johnson also praised the army of over 750,000 Coronavirus volunteers who have enlisted to assist the National Health workers in a move of public togetherness not seen since the Blitz.

He also revealed 20,000 former National Health Service staff have returned to their posts to join the fight against the deadly disease.

His comments come as case numbers in the U.K are at 19,522 and with the death toll currently standing at 1,228.

To ensure national effort amid the crisis, the Prime Minister penned a letter now being sent out to British households this week, saying, "It's important for me to level with you, we know things will get worse before they get better."

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UPDATE: Coronavirus can last up to 17 days on surfaces

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