11-year-old gets 'elf ears' fixed after being bullied at school

A severe case of bullying has led a young girl to get her ears 'corrected' by a pediatric cosmetic surgeon.


NSFW    RICHMOND, VIRGINIA — It's a sad and twisted world we live in that children have to resort to extreme measures to protect themselves from bullying.

WRIC reports that 11-year-old Bella Harrington was teased mercilessly for her ears, which classmates said looked like an elf's. Her parents kept telling her it didn't matter what the other kids thought, but the taunts stuck with the Richmond, Virginia pre-teen.

In the end, the family turned to pediatric cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Joe Niamtu, who 'corrected' the young girl's ears in December. It was a small change, but Bella, at least, is happier now.

She's also not the only one to get this done. Apparently, doctors believe treating younger kids is better, since it spares them from the psychological trauma of bullying.

And while it's definitely heartbreaking, it's probably going to keep on until we as a species learn to be decent to each other.
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