11-foot alligator breaks into home and gets "the good stuff"

An 11-foot alligator in Florida smashed its way into a homeowners kitchen and got to the red wine.


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CLEARWATER, FLORIDA — An 11-foot alligator smashed its way through a homeowner's window in Clearwater, Florida.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that it was 3:30 a.m when 77-year-old homeowner, Mary Wischhusen was on her way to the bathroom when she heard the crash through her kitchen window.

Wischhusen locked eyes with the alligator and said, quote, "all I had was a vision of a huge head...a gigantic head looking at me saying, 'Hey.'"

She called the authorities and fled to her bedroom to hide, where she, quote, "went on the computer and played games to settle down.

According to Channel 3000, the gator was pulled out of the same window it came through and had caused considerable damage to the homeowner's drywall, a large glass table and several bottles of wine.

Wischhusen asked, "I don't know why he wanted my red wine, but he got my red wine, the good stuff.

Concerned about the fragility of her wine, she queried, "the next gator might like white wine".

Channel 3000 reported that The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commons was forced to put the gator down.
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