10-year-old's pet goat saves entire family from dying in house fire

This is why you should let your pet goat hang out inside your house.


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WEINER, ARKANSAS — When a 10-year-old girl from Weiner, Alabama got a goat as a birthday present, she probably did not expect the pet would soon be a lifesaver.

Speedy the goat was given to Abigail Bruce on April 14 as a birthday present.

Last Saturday night, Speedy woke Abigail up by pouncing on top of her and screaming.
Abigail opened her eyes to see her entire living room was filled with smoke. Abigail woke her parents. Her father checked and realized the fire that was coming from an outside window, local TV station KAIT 8 reported.

The Weiner Fire Department arrived minutes later and extinguished the blaze, but the house was heavily damaged by the smoke and soot.

For now, the Bruce family is staying with a family friend until they can get back on their feet, while Speedy is staying in another friend’s barn. Abigail said Speedy may just be the best birthday present ever. Her dad said he did not like the goat at first, but after the fire, he thinks Speedy showed up just in time.

To help the family recover from their losses, a fund was set up by the Weiner Fire Department and Jonesboro Fire Departments.
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