‘Text neck' may cost growing children inches in height, say doctors

‘Text neck’ is the posture most people assume when looking at their smartphones, it’s not a great posture and can affect the growth of young children.


NSFW    TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Researchers from Taiwan’s NTU Hospital are now suggesting there is a connection between the amount of time growing children and teenagers use their smartphones, and their height.

Taiwan ranks as one of the top countries in the world when it comes to how much time citizens spend on their smartphones, approximately 200 minutes per day, which is more than 3 hours a day of if you were wondering.

‘Text neck’ is a condition and posture that can lead to wear and tear on the spine, spinal degeneration, and surgery. The condition is caused by the posture most people adopt when looking down at their smartphone or tablets, this increases the pressure put on the neck and spine.

Researchers are saying that children who spend 3 hours or more in the ‘text neck’ position risk losing at least 2-3 inches in height.

Doctors suggest that parents remind growing children to stretch and stand up straight. Regular exercise also helps relieve tension and pressure on the neck and spine. A weekly massage to help relax neck muscles will also reduce pressure.
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