'Tebowing' a hit as Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos win


NSFW    Is Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow an example of the power of prayer?

Tebow's mom contracted a life-threatening amoeba infection and was advised by doctors to have an abortion to save her life. She refused and both she and the baby survived.

Now Tebow is one of the National Football League's most popular players, and his signature prayer-celebration, referred to as has become a fad like planking.

The Broncos have won three of four games — the exception an 45-10 loss to the Detroit Lions — since Tebow replaced Kyle Orton as starting quarterback and orchestrated an 18-15 overtime victory against the Miami Dolphins.

Tebow doesn't always throw the ball well, but Denver has adopted a read-option offense similar to the one Tebow ran as quarterback for the Florida Gators. The Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs 17-10 on Sunday after beating the Oakland Raiders 38-24 the week before.
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