'Good guy with a gun' kills carjacker, saves damsel in distress in Utah

You've heard the phrase before, but in this case it was justified...right?


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A carjacking in Orem, Utah that ended in the suspect being killed is making the case for the so-called 'good guy with a gun'.

Last Sunday, man reportedly argued with a woman and stole her car. In the span of 30 minutes, he had stolen another vehicle but when he wound up in the parking lot of a Maceys supermarket trying to carjack yet another woman, things turned dicey when she put up a fight. Another man noticed the fight as he left the store, and he decided to jump into the fray.

Turns out that man had a 9mm and was licenced to carry it in the State of Utah. He came to the woman's aid and wound up shooting the suspect when he tried to reach for his pistol. The suspect died after receiving a round to his chest. He was unarmed.

An investigation is ongoing, but an Orem Police spokesperson said charges probably wouldn't be filed against the man with the gun, as he was trying to protect the woman from harm.
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