‘Glitter body' is the newest, most ridiculous trend people are after

First we had glitter ass, then Passion Dust for your vajayjay. Why not go bigger with Glitter Body?


NSFW    LONDON, UK — Looking for a new summer trend but don’t know where to start? Look no further you daring party-goers, behold, the “Glitter Body”.

The audacious trend started with people decorating their ass with glitter, hmm, supposedly so their bums will look more fabulous. Apart from the typical glittered body art, there is also “Passion Dust”, apparently it is a new way for people to have a more “glitterous” sex life.

The glitter trend has evolved into glitter bodies, where confident party-goers are smothering their torsos and legs in gems and glitz. People have been seen sporting the daring looks at parties, by the pool and even in the streets.

The glitter trend has been met by a variety of responses. British Body face and body art company Go Get Glitter said that the trend encourages people to stand out and embrace their bodies with confidence.
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