'Fastest woman on four wheels' Jessi Combs dies in jet-car crash

Combs was attempting to break her own land speed record.


NSFW    FIELDS, OREGON — Professional racer, fabricator, and television personality Jessi Combs died in a jet-car crash on Tuesday while trying to break her land-speed record.
According to CBS Sports, Combs broke 398 mph while driving a North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger in 2013, where she also picked up the nickname "fastest woman on four wheels."
Yahoo reported that in 2016, Combs broke her own record at 440 mph. Then last year while attempting a run which ended prematurely due to mechanical issues, she hit a top speed of 483 mph.
She was using the same 52,000 horsepower jet-car while attempting to break her personal best when she fatally crashed on the dried lake bed of the Alvord Desert.
According to KTVZ, the Harney County Sheriff's Office said it received a 911 call shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday reporting the crash in the desert.
According to CBS Sports, Combs wasn't only a racer but a builder and fabricator and was part of the American Welding society.
She was a frequent guest on TV shows like "Mythbusters," "Overhaulin" and "All Girls Garage."
Combs was one serious bad ass that will truly be missed. Godspeed.
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