'Explosive' gender reveal party ends in 47,000-acre wildfire

A border patrol agent's gender reveal stunt was definitely way more explosive than intended, and ended up sparking a massive wildfire in Arizona.


NSFW    GREEN VALLEY, ARIZONA — An off-patrol border agent accidentally started a massive wildfire after his gender reveal stunt went explosively wrong.

KGUN 9 reports that last April, Dennis Dickey and his pregnant wife decided to throw a party near Green Valley, Arizona to reveal their baby's gender.

The plan had been to shoot at a target containing the explosive substance Tannerite and a colored powder, and have it reveal either blue for a boy, or pink for a girl.

But when the shots were fired, it instead set off an explosion that ignited the massive Sawmill fire. Dickey called it in, but the wildfire had already begun spreading far and wide.

In total, the 37-year-old's little stunt ended up costing Arizona 47,000 acres of land and $8.2 million. Dickey has since been slapped with a misdemeanor and 5 years probation, and has to fork over $220,000 in restitution.

Ironically, despite the whole gender reveal part of the incident, the Dickeys never mentioned if their kid was a boy or a girl.
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