‘Be my gf for the holidays and I'll pay you in meth' man brings junkie home

This guy’s just desperate to present a girlfriend to his parents so they’ll stop nagging him.


NSFW    In China, the Lunar New Year holiday is a big deal. It’s a little late this year but a few people headed home early to collect that red envelope stuffed with cash, which is traditionally handed out each year.

This is also the time of the year when your family gets to point out all the faults in your life.

One guy, Xiao Wang, was tired of listening to his parents constant nagging that he found a nice girl to marry, who would take care of him. And, they weren’t getting any younger, and some grandchildren would be nice… et cetera.

So this year, Xiao Wang, surprised his parents by bringing home a girlfriend. He told them that she was already two months pregnant and could his parents please stop badgering him about starting a family?

His parents were shocked, but then Xiao Wang’s father gave his son’s girlfriend a red envelope stuffed with cash as well, telling her that she’d need the money for the baby and that he hoped she’d be able to bring some stability to his son’s life.

Xiao Wang and his pregnant wife-to-be pocketed the red envelopes of cash and headed over to the nearest drug den. That’s where police arrested them and Xiao Wang’s would-be girlfriend confessed it had all been a scam.

She told police that she wasn’t Xiao Wang’s girlfriend. She’d only agreed to go home with him because they were drug buddies, and he promised to pay her with meth if she went with him.

Oh, and the baby wasn’t his either.
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