$35k reward offered to find who butchered this Detroit dog

This dog was found wandering around West Detroit after some sicko cut off his ears and nose.


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DETROIT — An adorable Rottweiler mix from Detroit, Michigan is recovering from a brutal attack that saw someone cut off his ears and nose.

It’s unclear what exactly happened to the dog, named Baron, but the Michigan Humane Society says it looks like a dangerous human was involved.

In a video posted to their official Facebook page, the society says Baron was found wandering in West Detroit last week when someone coaxed him into a local business.

The society then picked him up and have been treating his injuries. They’re offering $35,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the sicko or sickos involved.

In addition to the damage on his ears and nose, there were injuries on the backs of his legs. The medical staff will soon have to amputate his tail because of the extent of damage inflicted on it, reported the Detroit Free Press. On a more positive note, specialists may be able perform reconstructive surgery on his nose.
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