$2,500 virtual assistant could worsen Japan's population crisis

Japan's declining birth rate could get much worse with the new $2,500 Gatebox virtual assistant.


NSFW    TOKYO — Japan otakus may be like the prospect of intimacy with anime holograms, but the country's population problem may have just gotten worse.

Japan has a baby shortage, thanks in part to young Japanese who are shunning romantic relationships in favor of a two-thousand dollar holographic wife, reports Business Insider.

Gatebox is technically a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa, but instead of a disembodied voice, you get Azuma Hikari, a character that's exceedingly cutesy and likes to talk.

It helps fill in an intimacy void, with the virtual character providing companionship without all the trappings of a messy, human relationship.

It even sends you messages throughout the day like a normal friend, or you know, wife.

All in all, Gatebox seems like a reasonably pleasant alternative to those of us who don't interact well with actual people.

Except, virtual relationships don't result in babies that help ease a declining birth rate, so while that void of intimacy may be filled, consider the population going, going, and soon, gone.
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