$120,000 banana art taken down after idiotic crowds

The banana duct taped to a wall had to be taken down because of "uncontrollable" crowds.


NSFW    MIAMI — A slippery piece of artwork that was nothing more than a banana duct taped to the wall, which actually sold for $120,000 last week, had to be taken down because too many idiots—sorry, people—wanted to see it.
According to the New York Post, Maurizio Cattelan's controversial banana piece titled "Comedian" had to be taken down on Sunday morning at the request of the art fair's organizers.
This was just one day after a New York-based performance artist showed up at the Art Basel in Miami and ate the banana.
Cattelan's gallery Perrotin announced, "Art Basel collaboratively worked with us to station guards and create uniform lines."
Hold on...COLLABORATIVELY worked with us? So they just mean, "WORKED with us."
Anyways, the statement went on, "however, the installation caused several uncontrollable crowd movements and the placement of the work on our booth compromised the safety of the artwork around us, including that of our neighbors. In the end, I would like to warmly thank all those who participated in this memorable adventure."
Art Basel also confirmed that the $120,000 banana was no longer on display.
But not to worry, if you really want to see the FART-work for yourself...just get a wall, a banana and some tape. And don't forget to call yourself an artist too.
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